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Unformatted text preview: FYS 10.31.07 SPINOZA READER SELECTION FROM TTP BETRAYING SPINOZA, Rebecca Pemstein BIOGRAPHIES: DESCARTES 1596 born 1618 becomes soldier in Holland 1619 has dream or vision ofo new mathematical and scientific system 1628-49 lives in Holland 1633 condemnation of Galileo 1637 publishes Discourse on Method 1643 his philosophy condemned at Utrecht 1650 dies in Stockholm SPINOZA 1632 Born early twenties learns Latin (and perhaps atheism) from Francis von den Enden studies at Univ. of Leyden, center of Dutch Cartesianism 1656 Excommunicated from Jewish Community; S composes a letter in his defense (now lost), in which early version of TTP is present according to those who read it then 1665-70 Writes TTP TRACTATUS THEOLOGICO-POLLITICUS B. On Revelation 10-23 10 Natural knowledge (NK) can be called prophecy, and divine, with as much right as anything else. But most men wish to exclude natural knowledge when speaking of prophecy. 11 But in the certainty NK involves, and in its source, God, it is in no way inferior to prophetic knowledge. 1 11 Whatever we clearly and distinctly understand, God and nature dictate to us. [DESCARTES] 12 God had true voice to Moses: Ex. 25-22, and spoke face-to-face with him: Deut. 5:4. 13 Elders even saw God on top of Sinai: 24: 10. Nor did law God revealed to Moses ever command us to believe He was incorporeal. Scripture clearly reveals he had a visible form, since Moses saw his hinder parts. 14 To all other prophets God did not speak with a true voice, but enigmatically, in visions. Moses knew Gods voice alone, but not his Face: Ex. 33:20....
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