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Unformatted text preview: splay.cfm?IM_ID=4763 Enceladus (enhanced color) Wikipedia Nov. 27 10 11/18/12 “Volcanic” plumes Nov. 27 h\p://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA13891 Nov. 27 Mimas Nov. 27 11 11/18/12 Saturn Nov. 27 Nov. 27 Nov. 27 h\p://mydarksky.org/2008/12/30/ringless ­saturn/ 12 11/18/12 RotaHon •  1895: James Keeler used the Doppler effect to study how the rings rotate •  discovered they are a swarm of individual parHcles Nov. 27 h\p://www.sunflower ­astronomy.com/KCKCC_Docs/Saturns_Rings.pdf 7 Inside the rings 8 ArHst’s concept, based on inferred distribuHon of parHcle sizes Nov. 27 Tidal disrupHon Hdal forces are stronger closer to the planet too close, and the moon can be ripped apart! Nov. 27 h\p://www.astro.washington.edu/users/smith/Astro150/Tutorials/TidalHeat/ 13 11/18/12 Roche limit, or Roche zone Nov. 27 A B C Cassini division Wikipedia Nov. 27 What causes the Cassini division? a = 117580 km •  Inner radius of Cassini divisi...
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