your task is to rank 15 items salvaged from the

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Unformatted text preview: Conflict and Performance Conflict Conflict-Management Techniques Conflict-Management The Subarctic Survival Situation Subarctic The Situation The It is approximately 2:30 p.m., October 5, and you have just crash-landed in a float plane on the east shore of Laura Lake in the subarctic region of the northern Quebec-Newfoundland border." Your task is to rank 15 items salvaged from the plane in the order of their importance to your team's survival. Set in an unfamiliar location, this simulation takes the participants outside of their organizational roles and areas of expertise to a situation where only their synergistic problemsituation solving skills will help them to survive. The Items The Magnetic Compass Can of Maple Syrup Sleeping Bag Bottle of Water Purification Tablets 20 X 20 ft Heavy Canvas Waterproof Wood Matches 250 ft Nylon Rope Working Flashlight Pair of snow shoes Bacardi Rum Shaving Kit with Mirror Alarm Clock Hand Axe Inner tube of 14 inch Wheel Northern Star Navigation book Instructions Instructions • Complete column A • Form teams and after team consultation, Form complete column B complete • Write the expert order in columns C1 and C2 • Calculate differences (absolute) and write in D1 Calculate and D2. and • Ask team members and write the sum of their Ask individual differences (D1) in column E. individual • Calculate average and the team Synergy....
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