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DescartesrecapLocke - Descartes Recap Key ideas 1 The...

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Descartes Recap Key ideas: 1. The Problem of the Criterion (Chisholm) 2. hyperbolic doubt (Meditation 1) 3. cogito ergo sum (“I think, I am”), (Meditation 2) 4. Cosmological Argument (Meditation 3) 5. The Problem of the Cartesian circle (Meditations 1-4) 6. The Will and Reason: Assent and Belief (Meditation 4) 6. Ontological Argument (Meditation 5) 7. properties that are known clearly and distinctly (Meditations all) 8. Mathematical properties of objects known most clearly and distinctly (meditation 6) Descartes’ is a methodological foundationalist with regards to the criterion of knowledge. The foundations just are those first few clear and distinct ideas, such as the cogito, the general causal principle and the causal principle of ideas, the idea of God as supremely perfect. Then, the foundations are supplemented by vindicating clear and distinct ideas generally such as in assenting the epistemic rule “whatever I clearly and distinctly perceive is true”. Descartes’ particular brand of innativism and substance dualism taken together with his criteria of clear and distinct ideas is a paradigmatic form of philosophical rationalism. Some contemporary dualists, like Chalmers, look to Descartes for inspiration. Chomsky’s transformational grammar appropriates the innateness aspect of ideas, though with a much more sophisticated neurobiological grounding. Chomsky’s rationalism stands in contrast to behaviouralist understandings of human learning and cognitive functioning. John Locke, British (1632-1704) John Locke , after whom the character John Locke is named, was a famous social contract philosopher who dealt with the relationship between nature and civilization. He mostly subscribed to the theory of tabula rasa , (the title of the third episode of the first season, featuring Kate). Also, the TV Locke's father is named Anthony Cooper, named
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