Week 2-Employee Portfolio Management Plan

Week 2-Employee Portfolio Management Plan - Running head...

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Running head: EMPLOYEE PORTFOLIO: MANAGEMENT PLAN 1 Employee Portfolio: Management Plan Amber Silverthorn MGT/311 November 26, 2012 Andy Wagstaff
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EMPLOYEE PORTFOLIO: MANAGEMENT PLAN 2 Employee Portfolio: Management Plan Many times, employees must be handled in different ways. Just like children, no two employees are going to be alike. This means that different methods of management can be a good asset of a decent manager. The idea of “treating everyone the same” is a common misconception that has been taken out of context. Everyone is not the same; therefore, treating them as though they are is just going to cause issues and unnecessary stress for everyone involved. Take Eric White, for example. Eric is a busy-body that has a lot of difficulty sitting still. Though he is a decent worker, his job satisfaction level is slowing him down. He is not happy doing what he does. This also means that he will not be engaged in his work. These two features will make it extremely difficult to get his fullest potential out of him. Dealing with a job that does not interest him is causing a great deal of irritation. After assessing his emotional intelligence score, it is my opinion that it would be in his best interest to be placed in a more appropriate work area for his particular needs. He is good at making his own decisions, which makes me think that he would be better suited in a position that requires a lot of “busy” work and maintenance. In the situation of Mr. Randall Self, two words can sum up his personality: laid back. He feels fairly satisfied in his line of work; however, his current attitude toward his job is causing minimal engagement in his work. With Randall, there is not any question as to whether or not the job will be completed. The question lies in the idea of when it will be completed. His lack of interest could be cause for concern if his line of production
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Week 2-Employee Portfolio Management Plan - Running head...

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