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missed Bio Notes Nov 4-6 - November 4, 2005 Chapter 17...

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November 4, 2005 Chapter 17 Homeostasis – the maintenance of a stable internal environment with in the body. The precise conditions required for an acceptably stable environment vary by the organism. The Internal Environment – involves the body fluid outside of cells, fluid within the cells, temperature and biochemistry Some Basic Requirements for Homeostasis: Gas exchange – which is the transport of gasses into and out of the body and its individual cells. Very small organisms can accomplish this by diffusion and so can many larger marine or aquatic organisms. Larger organisms, especially terrestrial ones, must have systems to accomplish their critical task, which is where lungs, gills and tracheal systems come in. Remember that the external surface of a body increases with the square of the diameter, which the volume increases. Internal Transport s Active Transport – is the pumping of substances against gradients. It is likened to pumping water uphill and requires energy input Passive transport – is the natural flow of substances with concentration gradients; as when pure water flows across selectively permeable membrane to where the concentration of water is lower; such as pure water into brine – nice type of transport is analogous to water flowing downhill. Environmental challenge and adaptability:
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missed Bio Notes Nov 4-6 - November 4, 2005 Chapter 17...

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