Essay on Single Parent Homes

48 this article also cites mark testas finding that

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Unformatted text preview: he victim" by noting that scientific evidence fails to support the claim that welfare benefits promote illegitimate births, and by noting the rate of out of wedlock teen births nearly doubled since 1975, while the real value of AFDC, food stamps and Medicaid had fallen (Wilson 1996, pg. 48). This article also cites Mark Testa's finding that "the decreasing marriage rates among inner-city black parents is a function not simply of increased economic marginality or of changing attitudes toward sex and marriage, but of as Testa emphasizes, 'the interaction between material and 9 cultural constraints'"(Wilson 1996, pg. 49). This article also illuminates a more personal account of cultural reasons members of the black community cite against getting married- namely that marriage is simply "not in the forefront of the men's minds" (Wilson 1996, pg. 51), and that women have a general distrust of men's motivations. And finally, Wilson touches on macrostructural reasons for the high rates of single-parent families in African American communities, the decline of the mass production system, and labor market conditions that supported the male breadwinner model-bringing us to Macine Baca Zinn's findings in the article &quo...
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