Essay on Single Parent Homes

5 in addition to the negro family a case for national

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Unformatted text preview: sis in research or concrete empirical evidence and largely serve to impose traditional white middle class norms on the African American community. 5 In addition to "The Negro Family: A Case for National Action", Daniel Patrick Moynihan authored another work "The Tangle of Pathology" that reiterates many of the same biases rooted in the assumptions identified above. This article analyzes the changing structure of the African American family using many of the ideas presented in Moynihan's aforementioned article to support his claim that "the tangle of pathology is tightening" (Moynihan 1992, pg. 41). By exploring African American society and culture through manifestations in matriarchy, delinquency, crime, and alienation, Moynihan develops an argument for black males' enlistment in military service. Central to his explanation of this "tangle of pathology" is the idea that the will of the "Negro People" was broken under slavery and although it has been reasserted in the recent history, the future of their community is doomed until the "viability of the Negro family is restored" (Moynihan 1992, pg. 33). Based on the assu...
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