Essay on Single Parent Homes

65 finally zinns article examines how these changes

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Unformatted text preview: portant to note that out of wedlock births are sometimes encouraged by families who fear that marriage would result in the addition of another dependent on the financial burden of the family, because this identifies the mother-only family structure amongst African Americans to be a consequence of poverty, instead of a cause (Zinn 1989, pg.65). Finally, Zinn's article examines how these changes in marriage and 10 employment patterns have bred changes in the social fabric of low income communities that have become isolated and suffer from what Wilson identifies as "concentration effects". These effects are the result of isolation from middle class role models who unite low income families with mainstream society outside the ghetto, and also of the loss of social capital and informal pathways to occupational attainment. Zinn notes that Wilson's analysis of marriage in African American culture treats the institution as an opportunity structure that no longer exists for a large number of African Amer...
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