Essay on Single Parent Homes

According to collins the moynihan report popularized

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Unformatted text preview: nited States are not only American norms, but necessities for the normal functioning of a family. According to Collins, the Moynihan report popularized and stigmatized the idea of a "Black matriarchy" as a deviation from normal gender roles where males dominate the household and females are subservient (Collins 1989, pg 3). Moynihan asserts that African American females are inappropriately socialized to exude masculine qualities, therefore prohibiting African American males from assuming their roles as family providers. Since African American females too often choose to head their own households, an idea otherwise named "family as villain", Moynihan contends that their male counterparts are forced into submissive roles that alienate them from participating in the rearing of their children, and undermine the authority typically bestowed upon them on the basis of gender. It follows that this same masculinization of the female role leads to higher levels of educational attainment, and therefore increased levels of economic contributions to the family, which renders them independent of their spouses,...
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