Essay on Single Parent Homes

An empirical study entitled race and the retreat from

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Unformatted text preview: ). The information in this short section itself undermines the historical roots of the cultural theorists argument for African American's disregard for the importance of the family institution as the basis of deterioration of the family structure today. An empirical study entitled "Race and the Retreat from Marriage: A Shortage of Marriageable Men?" espouses a research-based explanation for the prevalence of single-parent family structure amongst African Americans; that of the influence of changing employment circumstances among males. This study, that relies heavily on the Becker's rational choice model of mate selection and job search theory, is based on the idea that "non-marriage in the marriage market is the conceptual equivalent of unemployment in a labor market, and it occurs when there are mismatches between the demand for and supply of potential partners" (Lichter, McLaughlin, Kephart, Landry 1992, pg. 14). Of importance is the fact that this study rests on the assumption that all single women are looking for spouses and that women primarily choose partners on the basis of economic reasons. Research methods include an evaluation of the effect...
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