Essay on Single Parent Homes

Conversely but with the same consequences moyers

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Unformatted text preview: assuming that the division of power in the family is dependent on monetary 4 contributions and a breadwinner model. Conversely, but with the same consequences, Moyers asserts with a "welfare as villain" approach that it is the receipt of welfare benefits that foster the independence and dominance of African American females over their male counterpartseffectually leading to the increased prevalence of the female-headed, single-parent family. Moyers and Moynihan then pose two solutions to "fixing" the African American family, neither of which are practical or ideologically sound. The first solution involves the restoration of male dominance in African American family structure through an increase in employment and exposure to "real men" who wield traditional white patriarchal power (Collins 1989, pg 4). While failing to propose a strategy to increase the labor force participation of these disenfranchised males, Moynihan does suggest an interesting way to increase the African American male's sense of masculinity- military service. I fear that this solution harbors the potential to wreak havoc on the social structure of the black community which is traditionally a matriarchy, and would better serve the inte...
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