Essay on Single Parent Homes

He follows to cite evidence contrary to this popular

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Unformatted text preview: . Genovese states that "Evidence of the slaveholder's awareness of the importance of family to the slaves may be found in almost any well-kept set of plantation records" (Genovese 1974, pg. 9) to conquer the myth of the absent family. He follows to cite evidence contrary to this popular belief, including court recognition of "the painful problems caused by the lack of legal sanction for relationships everyone knows to be meaningful and worthy of respect" 7 (Genovese 1974, pg. 9), and several instances when slaveholders chose to take financial losses in order to keep slave families together. Historical accounts of slaves themselves making demands for masters to purchase them along with their families while standing on the auction block further validate the essential importance of the African American family in history. Several states even moved to prohibit the sale of children away from their mother, and more often than not masters kept families together under the premise that slaves worked better under those circumstances (Genovese 1974, pg. 11...
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