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Essay on Single Parent Homes

Matriarchy is seen to be the root cause of poverty

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Unformatted text preview: med dominance of the nuclear family and breadwinner model, Moynihan claims that the African American matriarchal family disadvantages the minority in a society that is structured to reward male leadership. Matriarchy is seen to be the root cause of poverty, the discrimination of colored men in occupational and educational attainment and the prevalence of illegitimacy in the African American community. The end result of these pathologies is framed to be a burden on welfare as he cites "migration into cities like Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C" (Moynihan 1992, pg. 35), without citing any studies or empirical evidence on the matter. Moynihan does succeed in quoting studies, statistics, and court cases that support his claims, but does so without sufficient analysis of underlying causal factors for the phenomena that plague the African American community. The article voices several ways in which military service would benefit African American males including being immersed in a masculine world where rewards a...
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