Essay on Single Parent Homes

Moyers solution to the deterioration of the african

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Unformatted text preview: rests of the white American male by reinforcing the validity of patriarchy and paternalism by extending these ideas across racial and class lines. Moyers' solution to the deterioration of the African American family structure is based on constricting the influence of black female matriarchs by increasing their financial dependence on men. This proposition rests on the assumption of the breadwinner model as the principle structure of the American family, as well as the assumption that welfare breeds dependence and laziness and is detrimental to the development of appropriate of gender roles. This solution also appears to reinforce patriarchal ideals by promoting female-on-male dependence, and also seems to serve the conservative right wing polity (who often oppose the spending of tax dollars on welfare programs and benefits) by deferring responsibility for the poor from the government into the hands of black men. Like the arguments posed by Moyers and Moynihan, these solutions have no ba...
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