Essay on Single Parent Homes

Of primary importance is the identification of

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Unformatted text preview: t;Family, Race, and Poverty in the Eighties." Maxine Baca Zinn harnesses the structural theory for the prevalence of single-parent family structure amongst African Americans by assessing the influence of a decline in opportunity structures as reflected in patterns of employment, marriage, and community composition. Of primary importance is the identification of deindustrialization as the active agent in the marginalization of black people in the United States. Cities previously acted as "opportunity ladders" (Zinn 1989, pg.63) for under-educated workers because of the prevalence of manufacturing jobs that paid a family wage. The shift away from the production industry, particularly for automobile, steel and rubber industry employees, marked serious consequences for blacks because of so-called "structural racism" (Zinn 1989, pg.63). The rise of jobs in the highly technological global economy that requires extensive education and training has resulted in a weakened labor force attachment amongst inner-city workers in general and African Americans in particular (Wilson 1996, pg. 53), which has lead to increased male joblessness and female-headed households (Zinn 1989, pg.65). It is im...
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