Essay on Single Parent Homes

Overall this article is based on the same

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Unformatted text preview: re granted on the basis of merit (possibly an reference to the assumed dependency of blacks on stigmatized welfare programs and benefits), but poses no actual solution to the problems inflicting the black community. Overall, this article is based on the same generalizations about members of the black 6 community and assumption that white middle class patriarchal structure should be imposed on African Americans as "The Negro Family: A Case for National Action", and suffers the deficiencies that renders the argument illegitimate. The cultural theory to explain the prevalence of single-parent family structure amongst African Americans is faulty at best. The failure of its proponents to cite relevant studies and statistics or use in depth interviews to illuminate the basis of their arguments insinuates that the roots of this theory lay in common racial and gender ideology. At first glance these articles appear to make a small claim for the causal factors influencing the prevalence of single-parent families amongst African Americans, but any appearance of validity is crushed under review of the work t...
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