Essay on Single Parent Homes

The article entitled the fading inner city family

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Unformatted text preview: previous study, William J. Wilson used Urban Poverty and Family Life Study (UPFLS) data to evaluate the ways in which single parent families perpetuate themselves through the effects of such family structure on decreased educational attainment and labor force attachment. The article entitled "The Fading Inner-City Family" assesses this process and uses interviews to illuminate cultural factors that affect the prevalence of single-parent family structure in African American families. In the black community, educational attainment is positively associated with marriage, but being raised by a single African American parent is also associated with high levels of poverty, likelihood of welfare dependency, and a low potential for educational achievement (Wilson 1996, pg. 47). Likewise, participation in the labor force as measured by economic worth is positively associated with rate of marriage, but being raised in a single parent household by a black mother is associated with problems of labor force attachment(Wilson 1996, pg. 47). Wilson refutes cultural theorists tendency to "blame t...
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