Essay on Single Parent Homes

The underlying assumption is that 3 the attitudes and

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Unformatted text preview: icans as a whole (Collins 1989, pg 2). The underlying assumption is that 3 the attitudes and ideals of white middle class Americans are the driving factors behind their socioeconomic successes, and the fact that African Americans lack these particular characteristics condemns them to poverty and familial dysfunction. According to Moyers and Moynihan, the deterioration of African American values is the primary cause of such phenomena as illegitimacy and the prevalence of mostly impoverished single-parent families. Maxine Baca Zinn, in her article "Family, Race, and Poverty in the Eighties" best describes the argument presented by such cultural theorists as "culture as villain", "family as villain", and "welfare as villain", the meanings of which will become apparent as we analyze this theory as presented by Moyers and Moynihan. At the root of this supposed deterioration of values is the seemingly "backward" gender roles that typify African American families, also known as "culture as villain". The assertions of deviance lie on the assumption that traditional gender roles and the nuclear family structure that prevail in the U...
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