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Chapter 14 - copyrights. Harder to pirate because copies of...

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Chapter 14 Privacy policy – explains what use of the company’s technology is permissible and how the business will monitor employee activities Computer hackers – individuals, often with advanced technology training, who, for thrill or profit, breach a business’s information security system CIO (Chief Information Officer) – The responsibility of managing technology with its many privacy and security issues for business organizations is entrusted to this person. Intellectual Property – ideas, concepts, and other symbolic creations of the human mind. Advances in technology have presented challenges to help protect this right. Software Privacy – illegal copying of copyrighted software Digital Millennium Copyright Act – makes it a crime to circumvent antipiracy measures built into most commercial software agreements between the manufactures and their users. Streaming – a customized, on-demand radio service. Used to help protect music
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Unformatted text preview: copyrights. Harder to pirate because copies of the music are not downloaded and stored on users hard drives. Human Genome something to do with our strands of DNA Tissue Engineering the growth of tissue in a laboratory dish for experimental research Stem-Cell Research research on nonspecialized cells that have the capacity to self-renew and to differentiate into more mature cells. Cloning replicating a species, such as a sheep from fetal cells. Bioterrorism the use of deadly bioengineered disease and poisons, such as smallpox, as effective tools since they are hard to detect when transported in guns or bombs. Genetic engineering altering the natural makeup of a living organism Genetically modified foods food processed form genetically engineered crops....
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