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Sheet1 Page 1 Week Five Reading Questions Read: from Learning Module 5 Due: July 30 by 11:55:00 PM Post to Drop Box 1. What signs indicated the growing decline of Byzantium? of government across many countries. Compare and contrast that development in England, France, Germany (also known as the Holy Roman Empire), and the Italian city-states. 3. Compare your studies and experiences as a university student to those of medieval university students, what is the same, what is
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Unformatted text preview: different? 4. What were the sacraments defined by the Fourth Lateran Council? (HINT: There were four mentioned in your text.) 5. After reading both the chapter and the Chronicle of the Crusades, compare the two presentations of the historical event of the Fourth Crusade. Chapter 6 and hThe Rise of Universitiesh 2. The second major section of your chapter is entitled hThe Institutionalization of Government in the Westh and discusses the growth...
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