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Sheet1 Page 1 1. What were the social implications of the Black death? The Black Death wrecked havok on Europe, felling at least a fifth of the population. Part of the reason why the Europeans we r e 2. What were the causes of the 100 Years War? The 100 Years' war was a fight between France and England, with the king of England wanting control of France also. Not on l y 3. What was the Great Schism? The Great Schism was both a spiritual and political crises, with two and then three rival popes claiming to rule as vicar of Chri
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Unformatted text preview: s Mehmed II continued the idea of a Renaissance in the Ottoman court by trade, and encouraging artists, and staffing his admin 5. Pgs. 317-320 make mention of several new inventions and mind sets. Which of these do you think was the most crucial in t h Mass production is really important in this new world that we live in today. In the medieval ages, everything was done singular l y 4. How did Mehmedhs court exemplify the Ottonian belief that they were in their own hRenaissanceh?...
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