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Sheet1 Page 1 Week Three Reading Questions Read: 49-134 in Two Lives of Charlemagne. Due: July 16 by 11:55:00 PM Post to Drop Box prevent the problems that the Western Empire had with its military? 2. What can the structure of rebuilt cities in Byzantium, like Ephesus, tell us about the changes in Byzantine culture? 3. What is iconoclasm and why was it instituted? 4. Create a timeline that shows the political development of Islam
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Unformatted text preview: through until the end of the tenth century. 5. Compare the accomplishments of Justinian to those of Charlemagne from last weeks reading. Chapter 2, pgs 59-75 (stop at hThe Making of Western Europeh) Chapter 3, pgs 95-110 and Chapter 4, pgs 131 h142 and hJustinianh from the Course documents 1. How did the Byzantine strategy of providing for its hthemesh help...
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