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Ms. Luminita Mihaela Dragulescu English 102, Section 060 MWF 10:30-11:20 Room Numbers: WDB 110 Office: G03 Colson Hall Office Hours: W 1:00 – 2:30 or by appointment Email: ldragule@mix.wvu.edu English 102: Composition and Rhetoric SOCIAL JUSTICE: English 102 supports WVU’s commitment to social justice. TEXTS: * Lunsford, Andreea et al. Everything is an Argument with Readings (Blue cover). New York: Bedford St. Martin’s, 2006. *** Easy Writer . Third Edition. New York: Bedford St. Martin’s, 2006. * Joining Academic Conversation: English 102 . OBJECTIVES: English 102 is a course designed to develop students’ research skills through an assessment of particular topics from which students may select a choice for their research papers. The rhetorical goal of the course is persuasion, and each student will be asked to integrate systematically materials from a variety of sources. The theme of the course will focus on analyzing current issues in Twentieth Century culture and society. We will explore these issues as a class, and each student will have ample opportunity to pursue his or her topics of interest. REQUIREMENTS: This course is designed as a process-based approach to writing. Thus, each of your assignments is intended to be a “building block” for your larger essay. You are required to submit a proposal of your research essay (2-4 pages) as well as an annotated bibliography on your topic (3-4 pages). Students will participate in peer collaboration during writing process. You will be asked to provide copies of your essays for your peer group prior to the date the essays are due, so you will have ample opportunity to read each other’s drafts and make appropriate suggestions. Lastly, you will submit the final researched essay that synthesizes and integrates the prior research (7-8 pages). Please bring both books to class with you at every class meeting. Periodically, I will refer to essays other than those assigned for the day if I believe that they provide information pertinent to our discussions. Students are also strongly encouraged to take notes during class discussions, as this will facilitate understanding of complex issues and writing strategies that we will discuss as a class. ATTENDANCE POLICY: My policy is non-negotiable: Attendance is mandatory and counts as part of your final grade; THERE IS NO EXCUSED ABSENCE, but you do have 3 free days to miss. Save them for illness or if you have plans to go out of town. I do not want, nor do I need the following: doctor’s notes, notes from parents,
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notes about field trips or job interviews, etc. If you think this may be a problem for you, this class may not be the one you should take now. Three absences will reduce your grade by one full letter;
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102_Spring_2008_word - Ms. Luminita Mihaela Dragulescu...

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