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00124 the sample dierence of proportions is 00851

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Unformatted text preview: s, there were 510 fatal injuries, a proportion of .00124. The sample difference of proportions is .00851. That is, there is a bigger proportion of fatal injuries among those who did not wear seat belts than the ones who did. The difference is about 9 death for every 1000 accidents. 2. The relative risk is .00975/.00124=7.863 The proportion of getting fatal injuries is 7.863 times higher for people who did not wear seat belts 600 relative to those who did. Lung Cancer Group 3. The sample odds ratio is 5 0 0 The odds of fatality is 7.965 times higher for people who did not wear seat belts than than those who Daily Average 1601∗412368 510∗162527 Number of Male Patients Cumulative Period of L G did. People who did not wear seat belts were 7.965 times as likely as those who did to be involved Number of Cigarettes in fatal accidents. = 7.965 Control Group 400 0 <=4 7 b. [3 points] 3 0 notice that the sample odds ratio=7.965 ≈ 7.863 = the relative risk. It is because that the probability...
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