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Unformatted text preview: We 0 <=14 of response in fatal injuries is close to zero (.00975 & .00124) for both groups. Though their magnitudes are similar, the relative risk is always closer than the odds ratio to the independence value of 1. 200 6 5 <=24 <=49 All 1 Problem 2.7 [12 points] a. [4 points] 0 100 1 1 None <5 5 to 14 15 to 24 25 to 49 50+ Daily Average Number of Cigarettes STATISTICS 226, Winter 1997, Homework 1 3 For any cumulative period of daily average number of cigarettes, the control group systematically has the same or more patients than the lung cancer group. That is, the lung cancer group is stochastically higher than the control group with respect to their distributions on smoking of cigarettes. b. [4 points] Daily Average No. of Cigarettes <5 >= 5 Lung Cancer Group 62 1295 Control Group 190 1167 62∗1167 The odds ratio is 190∗1295 = .294. That is, the odds for male patients to develop lung cancer is .294 times lower for those who on average smoked fewer than 5 cigarettes per da...
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