Problem 22 3 points the odds ratio between treatment a

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Unformatted text preview: gun registration). Problem 2.2 [3 points] “The odds ratio between treatment (A, B) and cure (yes, no) is 1.5.” • The odds for treatment A to cure (πyes|A /πno|A ) is 1.5 times greater than the odds for treatment B to cure (πyes|B /πno|B ), i.e., The odds of cure is 1.5 times greater for treatment A than for treatment B. • We do not have information regarding what the probability of treatment A to cure (πyes|A ) is, nor do we know the probability of treatment B to cure (πyes|B ). Thus, the interpretation of “the probability of cure is 1.5 times higher for treatment A than for treatment B” is incorrect. It is an interpretation of the relative risk (πyes|A /πyes|B ). STATISTICS 226, Winter 1997, Homework 1 2 Problem 2.4 [9 points] a. [6 points] Explanatory variable: Safety equipment in use (2 levels - none, seat belt) Response variable: Injury (2 levels - fatal, nonfatal) 1. Difference of Proportion Of (1601+162,527)=164,128 people who used none of safety equipment, there were 1601 fatal injuries, a proportion of .00975; Of (510+412,368)=412,878 people who used seat belt...
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