Microbiology flow chart final

Microbiology flow chart final - Gram Stain Gram + Bacillus...

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Gram Stain Gram + Gram – Bacillus Alcaligenes Clostridium Aquaspirillum Corynebacterium Azotobacter Enterococcus Citrobacter Kurthia Enterobacter Lactobacillus Eschericha Lactococcus Klebsiella Micrococcus Providenica Mycobacterium Pseudomonas Rhodococcus Rhodospirilum Staphylococcus Salmonella Streptococcus Serratia Streptomycetes Shilgella Vibrio Shape(+) Shape(-) Cocci Bacilli Cocci Spiral Bacilli Enterococcus Bacillus Azotobacter Aquaspirillum Alcaligenes Lactococcus Clostridium Rhodospirillum Citrobacter Micrococcus Corynebacterium Enterobacter Rhodococcus Kurthia Klebsiella Staphylococcus Lactobacillus Eschericha Sterptococcus Mycobacterium Providenica Streptomycetes Pseudomonas Salmonella Shigella Vibrio Serratia Acid-Fast(Bacilli) Growth in Air(Spiral) + - Aerobic Facultative Anaerobic Mycobacterium Bacillus Aquaspirillum Rhodospirillum Clostridium Corynebacterium Kurthia Lactobacillus
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G+ve Cocci G+ve Bacilli Growth in Air Growth in Air Aerobic Fac. Anaerobic Aerobic Fac. Anaerobic
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Microbiology flow chart final - Gram Stain Gram + Bacillus...

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