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J3000 Study Guide 2p1 - J3000: History of American...

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J3000: History of American Journalism (Study Guide 2) I. Advocacy journalism: the black press People Benjamin Lundy - one of the earliest anti-slavery editors - edited Genius of Universal Emancipation in support of colonization - American Colonization society wanted to export blacks to Liberia - Lundy eventually believed in total equality and complete gradual emancipation - started American Anti-Slavery Society William Garrison - worked for Lundy as manager of Genius - wrote an article in Genius that demanded immediate emancipation - Genius is closed down, Garrison is jailed - started own papers: The Public Liberator , National Anti-Slavery Standard , Freeman - small circulation, but both publicized over 30 years - always held position of immediate and complete emancipation, but always non- violent Elijah Lovejoy - his death was first to clearly link abolition with civil rights - published the Observer in Alton, in an attempt to establish an antislavery society in Illinois, despite the states dependence on southern commerce - had his presses destroyed twice, when mob came to destroy his third press, he armed himself and he was gunned down as his press went up in flames Frederick Douglass - first African American to own and operate a printing press
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J3000 Study Guide 2p1 - J3000: History of American...

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