March 11 Conformity II

March 11 Conformity II - March 11 Conformity II Asch's Line...

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March 11 Conformity II Asch’s Line Study (1955) Participants makes easy line judgment in presence of 6 confederates Confederates give incorrect answers o On average, participants conformed by distorting answers on 37% of trials Variations: o Dissenters Adding 1 other participant reduced conformity to 10% 1 confederate dissenter reduced conformity to about 6% However, if C defects back to majority → participant conformity = 28.5% o Group Size Varied # of confederates giving incorrect answers Conformed to groups of 3 confederates as readily as to larger groups Group Size and Conformity Milgram, Bickman (1969): “Looking Up” field study o Confederates simply “looked up” at a 6 th story window in the middle of crowded NYC street o Varied number of confederates looking up Beyond group of 5 C looking up, the % of people who looked up was pretty stable (but nonetheless high). But from 1-5 C looking up, very strong positive linear relationship Who is Likely to Conform? Cultural differences o People in collectivist cultures more responsive to group influence o Individualistic cultures – conformity has negative value judgment
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Desire for Personal Control (Burger, 1987) o Individual difference variable (personality variable) o High in Desire for Personal Control – autonomy – less likely to conform (internal locus of control) Participants low and high in DPC rated unfunny cartoons alone o with
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March 11 Conformity II - March 11 Conformity II Asch's Line...

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