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Business Law Day 2 Intellectual Property Patent – register your invention (typically 17 years) possibly renew or extend Copyright – non-mechanical items, creativity things (songs, publications) lasts length of life of author + 75 years Environmental Law – executive branch created an administrative agency to police how people take care of the environment (EPA) Shire – county Shire reeve = sheriff Tithing – group of 10 men, forced to pay if one interfered outside the group of 10 Partnership law – all partners share in punishment Battle of Hastings – 1066 – William the Conqueror – united people in England under his control King passed out land to his nobleman Needed them to raise armies and control peasants, king dealt with disputes
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Unformatted text preview: between squires (landlords) and squire judged serf disputes Counties developed King only ordered money damages to be paid or value Laws became consistent by recording the rulings Stare decisis – “let the decision stand” Statute = law Fight over land and religion King Henry VIII – did away with religion and created Church of England after being excommunicated by the Pope Oath helpers – usually 12 swore one version of events was correct – witnesses/jury Bench trial – no jury Trial Court Appellic Court State Supreme Court 3 Justices in the appellic court English Magna carta – 1215 – limited the King’s rights US constitution Read constitution...
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