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Business Law Day 4

Business Law Day 4 - Executive orders – makes laws that...

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Supremacy clause says that a federal law will always out rule any state law that comes in conflict with a federal law Laws that are not set by the government are decided by each state All the President’s Men Stare decisis Equity – Administrative law Administrative agencies Administrative procedures act Delegates the ability to allow agencies to promulgate rules and regulations that they need to run that agency Bureaucracy Treaties – executive branch enters into treaty with foreign nation and then the senate ratifies it
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Unformatted text preview: Executive orders – makes laws that fall under jurisdiction of executive branch Old English common law doctrine called sovereign immunity – government cannot be sued unless the government gives you permission to Substantive law – rights and duties that people have Procedural law – procedures you have to follow to get a case through the system Public law – dealing with the government in terms of their rules and regulations Private law – regulates the duties between individuals...
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