Business Law Day 6

Business Law Day 6 - case(Landlord tenent must go to J/P If...

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Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Texas Supreme Court (criminal appeals only) (civil appeals only) Court of Appeals Criminal District Court Consti. Dist. Ct. Civil Dist. Court (Felonies 1, 2, 3) ($500 and up) County Criminal Ct. Consti. County Ct. County Ct. At Law ($1000 - $50,000) Municipal Ct. J/P – Small Claims Ct. (Class C misd.) (Class C misd.)($1-$5000) Class C = violations of the city code Jurisdiction – the power of a court to hear a case Concurrent jurisdiction – when multiple courts have jurisdiction Exclusive jurisdiction – a court that must have original jurisdiction over a certain kind of
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Unformatted text preview: case (Landlord tenent must go to J/P) If there is a record it can go to court of appeals, other wise goes up to county criminal court or county court at law (App. Trial De Novo) Writ of serciory = how you get a case from appellate court to Supreme Court Capital offenses have an automatic entrance into the court of criminal appeals A case can get out of state courts if there becomes a question of constitutional right First person executed after moratorium – Gary Gilmore – Utah...
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