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WRITING ADVICE - b You can be critical of the premises of...

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GENERAL ADVICE FOR RESPONSE WRITING; 1) I will work with any of you closely on your writing if you wish. It is up to you. 2) Be professional in your header and format: include name, date, the class, the assignment a one-inch margin, 12pt/times font, always cite page numbers if quoting, identity books, films and articles appropriately. 3) Always ground your responses in the text! 4) Feel free to state your intentions explicitly. 5) There are a variety of strategies for you to choose from, but do not confine yourself to singular approaches: a. You can summarize the article/highlighting the main argument and passage.
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Unformatted text preview: b. You can be critical of the premises of the article. c. You can be critical of the logic of the analysis. d. You can be critical of the assumptions of the author e. You can be critical of the writing style. f. You can be critical of the structure of the argument. g. You can be critical of the goal/intention of the article. h. You can compare and contrast this work with other works. i. You can isolate one key debate and enter into a conversation with it. j. You can relate the article to your own life and/or experience. k. You can put the article in its broader cultural context....
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