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17B Final Exam Prompt Winter 2008 Compare and contrast the current war in Iraq with the conflict in Viet Nam. The best essays will make extensive use of Buzzell, Foner, and lecture. The teaching assistants will look for at least three well-developed and concrete differences between these two conflicts and three well-developed and concrete similarities. Ultimately, do you think the war in Iraq represents something new in American foreign policy or do you think it illustrates longer themes? Why? Make sure you answer these last two questions. The essay is worth 70 points. You are also asked to answer three of the four short-answer questions below that are based on the identifications. You will be graded on how well you answer the questions based upon themes developed in lectures versus web-based information. 1. Compare the mass consumption stimulated by the GI Bill with the consumptionism of the 1920s. 2. Explain the Truman Doctrine and the Atlantic Charter in terms
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