the complement of an event a denoted by ac or a is

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Unformatted text preview: e relationships between events: Given events A & B ... The complement of an event A (denoted by AC or A ), is the collection of outcomes in S that are not in A. The intersection of two events (denoted by A ∩ B), is the event consisting of all outcomes that are in both A and B. The union of two events (denoted by A ∪ B), is the is event consisting of all outcomes that are either only in A or only in B or in both events. NUS/FOS/DSAP Lecture 3 – 6 GEM2900 - Understanding Uncertainty & Statistical Thinking Semester 1, 2012/2013 Sample Space & Events Example... Drawing a card from a full deck of 52 cards, the sample space includes 52 possible outcomes. Consider the following events: Event A = {ace} Event B = {black color} AC = A∩B= A∪B= If ‘ace of spad...
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