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History Mid - Mercantilism Colonies produce raw goods and...

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Mercantilism – Colonies produce raw goods and materials, send them to mother country In return, mother country (Britain sends finished goods to colonies) and sells goods to other European Nations Bacon’s Rebellion – 1676; led by Nathaniel Bacon, wealthy Virginia Planter Revolt of indentured servants, slaves, and frontiersman against Native Americans Natives were raiding farmlands Virginia Government did nothing to stop Natives FIRST REBELLION IN COLONIES IN WHICH FREE WHITE MEN WERE INVOLVED Glorious Revolution – 1688, King James II overthrown by Whig Party William of Orange enthroned Began modern English parliamentary democracy/END OF ABSOLUTE POWER Inspired by John Locke Legitimacy of government rests in hands of the governed South Atlantic Trade – Africa sends slaves to West Indies, who are then sold to America Colonies send raw materials like tobacco, lumber, flour, rice, and fish to Europe West Indies send molasses and sugar to Britain Britain sends manufactured goods/bills of exchange to Americas Middle Passage brutal sea voyage of African slaves to America in the 18 th and 19 th centuries Slaves overcrowded in ships Little to eat and drink Many died of dehydration and disease from unsanitary conditions Salutary Neglect – British policy of relaxed governmental control over colonies during 18 th century (under George I and George II)
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British focused on defense and trade, allowed rise of American self- government Navigation Acts – Passed by British Parliament; 1660-1663 Only English or British owned ships could enter American ports
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History Mid - Mercantilism Colonies produce raw goods and...

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