final vocab study guide

final vocab study guide - There is all Gilgamesh quotes and...

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Unformatted text preview: There is all Gilgamesh quotes and they are all from the Bible. The essays 722 B . C . E : Israel conquered by Assyria and Israelites deported. Fall of northern kingdom. This proved to the South that they were correct in their ways. 597 B . C . E . : the Babylonians conquered Judah, which brought a large exile of the population to Babylon. The fall of Judah by the Babylonians by Nebuchadnezzar. They took all of the elite at this point. 587 b.c.e.: this is the second sweep of the Babylonians where they took more exiles, stole the temple jewels and destroyed the temple 539 b.c.e .: Persian period and capture of babylon by Cyrus the Great. the significance is that a year later they could return home and it is the beginnign of the restoration of the israelites 515 b.c.e .: the time when the second temple was dedicated. the cloud of god seddled over the templed (kabod) Abimelech: son of Gideon by his concubine. He killed all of his brothers except the youngest and became king. He killed many people in Shechem trying to prevent another from taking over and the retaliation that went along with it. He was killed trying to take another city and a woman crushed his head throwing a stone. The author of Judges says that this was retribution for killing all of his brothers and the people of Shechem died because they began to worship Baal again. o ASK WHICH ABIMELECH Absalom : son of David and brother of Tamar that kills Amnon for raping his sister. He flees and after Joab gives a like parable to David, David finally says that he can return. Upon his return, the king refuses to see him until he demands to be taken there and killed if he has guilt but David kisses him in welcome. He creates a conspiracy to take over the throne of David and if this is okay with God. He dies in battle against David when caught in a tree. Adonijah : son of David and wanted to become king after his death. He was brother of Absalom. He convinced the people to follow him except Nathan the prophet and finally made a plea to Solomon when made king by Nathan that he shouldnt be killed. The significance was another time when the younger son takes the place of the older. Solomon was favored but he should have had the throne. Ahasuerus/Xerxes : King of Persia (486-465) who was King Darius 1s son and moved to expand the Persian empire further west. This caused confrontation with Greece (Athens and Sparta). The battle wasnt won by either side and he was the king in the Book of Ester. His reign shows that Mortikah could not won by either side and he was the king in the Book of Ester....
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final vocab study guide - There is all Gilgamesh quotes and...

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