geo - Class Notes 1-22-08 Yellowstone National Park...

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Class Notes 1-22-08 Yellowstone National Park America’s first national park 2nd Largest Established in 1872 3,472 mi(2) ((8987 km2)) ->Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho Geoecosystem -plants and animals depend on their geology People were in the region since the last glaciation Native Americans as well Euro-Americans and French Canadians Fur trappers and traders 1806-John Colte r was the first Euro-American to see Yellowstone’s features Beaver trapping then came Prospectors later came and were looking for gold. Walter DeLacy-Map in 1865 1869--Folsom, Cook, Peterson expedition 1870-Wasburn came and brought along an attorney and politician and they named many of the features in the park including Old Faithful 1871-Hayden Expedition brought along two artists so pictures showed up of the park and also brought 3 photographers who got pictures of old faithful erupting-actual documentation One of the world’s largest active volcanic systems Produced three giant volcanic eruptions in the past few million years, plus many smaller eruptions and hydrothermal eruptions No eruptions for the past 70,000 yrs. The central part of the park is occupied by the large, partly filled depression of the Yellowstone Caldera-eruptions blows out and collapses back in. ..not like volcano Heat from ground in yellowstone caldera is about 30-40x more than “normal” continental mass on Earth Hydrothermal Features :(geysers, hot springs, fumaroles-steam vents, mud pots) YNP contains approximately half of the worlds total number of geysers Most of these features have been protected in YNP thats why they are still there Earthquakes The yellowstone area is the most intense region of seismicity in the Rocky Mtns. Hebgen Lake earthquake, biggest that has occured in 1959 M7.5
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geo - Class Notes 1-22-08 Yellowstone National Park...

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