Isolation greater repeater spacing 10s of km at least

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Unformatted text preview: haracteristics uses total internal reflection to transmit uses light light effectively acts as wave guide for 1014 to 1015 Hz can use several different light sources Light Emitting Diode (LED) • cheaper, wider operating temp range, lasts longer Injection Laser Diode (ILD) • more efficient, has greater data rate relation of wavelength, type & data rate Optical Fiber Transmission Modes Modes Frequency Utilization for Fiber Applications Fiber Fiber Type Application Multimode LAN S Single mode Various 196 to 192 C Single mode WDM 192 to 185 L Single mode WDM Wavelength (in vacuum) range (nm) Frequency Range (THz) 820 to 900 366 to 333 1280 to 1350 234 to 222 1528 to 1561 1561 to 1620 Band Label Wireless Transmission Frequencies Frequencies 2GHz to 40GHz 30MHz to 1GHz microwave highly directional point to point satellite Omni-directional broadcast radio 3 x 1011 to 2 x 1014 infrared Antennas Antennas electrical conductor used to radiate or collect electrical electromagnetic energy electromagnetic transmission antenna reception antenna radio frequency energy from transmitter converted to electromagnetic energy by antenna radiated into surrounding environment electromagnetic energy impinging on antenna converted to radio frequency electrical energy fed to receiver same ante...
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