Industrial Revolution paper for GenEd 111

Industrial Revolution paper for GenEd 111 - O'Leary 1...

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O’Leary Brittney O’Leary Professor Faunce Gen Ed 111 31 October 2007 The Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution was one of the major forces of change in the nineteenth century as it led Western civilization into the machine-dependent modern world. The first Industrial Revolution spurred the second by an array of innovations and inventions in the production of metals, machinery, food production and medical advances. While the first Industrial Revolution helped encourage the growth of the early American economy, the second transformed the economy and the society into their modern urban form. The first Industrial Revolution was centralized mostly in Europe, as the second was centered in the United States and Germany. Work conditions were below standards and women were trying to find their place outside of the home. Women during the Industrial Revolution were both relieved and burdened with the technological advances. In the home, household appliances eased the manual work of housewives, but the hours of their duties increased. “Instead of housework being drained of emotion content, it was infused with portentous meaning. Instead of an increased division of labor, the housewife became a Jill of all trades” (Pursell, 247). Women were both homemakers and laborers in the workforce. Women and children were working in mines and textile factories. Children and women were ideal workers, most of them getting only “one-sixth to one-third of what a man was paid” (Spielvogel, 581). After 1
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Industrial Revolution paper for GenEd 111 - O'Leary 1...

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