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Brit's Flu paper for GenEd111 - factors of the virus were...

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Brittney O’Leary Professor Faunce GEN ED 111 7 September 2007 It’s a parent’s biggest fear, losing a child. The 1918 influenza made that fear a devastating reality. Cities big and small had neighbors, family members, priests, teachers, and athletes falling ill left and right. The epidemic killed more people than World War I or any other war known to mankind (Billings). Gina Kolata has written a masterpiece in her book Flu . The book addresses the complexity of the epidemic and the fear of its return. The 1918 influenza has stricken fear in scientists for nearly a century. The causing
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Unformatted text preview: factors of the virus were unknown for decades until a few dedicated scientists took it upon themselves to uncover the mystery. The social pressure to find the cure for the virus quickly subsided. The realization of the epidemic was put aside in the minds of people; disregarding the reality of the mortalities and the lost loved ones. For an epidemic that was the largest killer of history, people soon moved on from the shock and dismay of the carnage....
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