bio Writing Assignment- 2008

bio Writing Assignment- 2008 - Writing Assignment...

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Writing Assignment Instructions Biology 101/ 102; Spring, 2008 Information related to biology, such as information on emerging infectious diseases (e.g., Avian Influenza), cloning, forensic genetics, blood doping, performance enhancing drugs, and side effects of pharmaceuticals is literally in the news every day. As promised, one way in which we are making this class relevant to your every day lives is to help you develop your critical thinking skills. We are constantly swamped with information in the newspaper, on TV and on the Internet , and our cell phones and iPods, but it is important for us to filter out which information has a solid scientific foundation and which information may be weakly supported. Your assignment will be to print out or Xerox 2 articles from the media that pertain to the pro- and con- side of a controversial topic covered in Biology 102. These articles will be attached to your assignment when it is turned in. Each of the two articles is to be no more than 1 year old (dating back no further than January 2007) from media sources. You may only choose your articles from the following media sources: Newspapers: Seattle Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, New York Times Magazines: Time, Newsweek, Scientific American, American Scientist, Discover, Natural History, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Popular Science, The New Yorker Primary literature: Science, Nature, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA Online versions of articles from these sources are acceptable. Please use the library as needed, as some online articles may be incomplete or require a fee to obtain them. Also, although 2 articles is the minimum, the more sources you site, the better you can support your arguments, particularly your opinions at the end of the paper. You are required to submit a bibliography section at the end of your paper, citing all your sources (this is not counted in
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bio Writing Assignment- 2008 - Writing Assignment...

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