Biology 102 global warming paper

Biology 102 global warming paper - O'Leary 1 Biology...

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O’Leary Biology 102—Global Warming Brittney O’Leary SID#: 10975975 19 March 2008 Bio 102 Section 5 Global warming has always been a controversial issue; full of skeptics, disbelievers and the convinced. Global warming is apparent in many different forms in our everyday lives. The question of global warming is not whether it exits or not; it has shown its face across the glacier caps and the rest of the world, the question is whether it really is a problem? If you’re not a scientist, you might not be educated in the field of global warming. One may think that global warming is strictly a temperature increase with few minor changes such as warmer summers. The article from the New York Times exemplifies how important taking action against global warming really is. The progress George W. Bush has taken towards global warming is appalling. The Seattle Times article illustrates Bush’s outlook on global warming as a national effort, not a global solution. Bush believes that global warming decisions should be made nationally in the interest of the individual nation. There is no solution that can be found individually; small changes don’t create large outcomes. Global warming has become a frontline issue in today’s society. Global warming has become a social and political issue in today’s world rather than strictly an environmentally one. Student activists have become more prominent on campuses across the nation and secondary education has put an effort towards educating younger children 1
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Biology 102 global warming paper - O'Leary 1 Biology...

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