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History Notes - Transformation of Europe in the 1400's...

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Transformation of Europe in the 1400’s Political transformation from local feudal to consolidation of power Economic shift from land and people to capital and resources Italian Renaissance – art portrays human body; construction for both man and God (Sistine Chapel) Michelangelo Leonardo de Vince Protestant Reformation Martin Luther – 1517 – indulgences and the extravagance of the pope and church Calvin – 1530 – predestination; chosen and damned; capital accumulation = God’s favor Henry VIII - 1550 Scientific Revolution Galileo Copernicus Newton Technology Guttenberg 1700 – I think therefore I am “Cogito Ergo Sum” – Rene Descrates Portugal and the Building of a Trading Empire in Africa and Asia Arab invasion and conquest of Iberian Peninsula in 711 – jihad Built multi-continental empire to spread the word Christian princes and nobles wage holy war against Muslims – Crusades 13 th century in Portugal - Reconquista 1492 Granada falls to Catholic king and queen – Spain united April 3 rd The Palestinian State Old Colonialism (mid 1400’s – mid 1800’s) Science – Nautical School of SAGRES Ideology – Christian salvation Political – increased prestige and esteem Economic – gold from west Africa Monopoly on the goods for India/Cathy Anatolia – Islamic peoples; Ottoman Turks Portugal’s Global Trade Empire (1500’s) 1600’s England – East India Co.: joint stock corporation Holland – Dutch East India Co. 1492 – Christians oust Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula Spain wants to reach India before Portugal Columbus asks Portuguese for funding and is denied; goes to Spain and they accept Seeking gold , spices and products to take back to Europe and sell Columbus never made it to North America Amerigo Vespucci was the first mapmaker to put the New World on the map Old Colonialism political model: Eurpoe – absolute monarchy, divine right
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History Notes - Transformation of Europe in the 1400's...

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