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Chapter 3 Notes

Chapter 3 Notes - Chapter 3 The World Wars Events leading...

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Chapter 3: The World Wars Events leading to the Great War Serbian nationalist assassinates heir to the Hapsburg throne of Austria-Hungary Triple Entente – alliance between France, GB and Russia against Germany and A-H in 1914 Triple Alliance – between Germany and Austria-Hungary (Italy at 1 st , eventually abandoned) Industrialization, nationalism, Social Darwinism (used to justify war) German unification and Europe’s diplomatic revolution Shift in the distribution of power in Europe after the unification of Germany Otto von Bismark and realpolitik – policy premised on material factors, especially power, rather than theoretical or ethical consideration Dual Alliance and Three Emperors League – Russia’s tsar, Germany’s Kaiser and A-H emperor) peacetime alliances Increase in military and economic power; ended Reinsurance Treaty with Russia Arms races, nationalism, the Balkan imbroglio Germany’s naval expansion threatens Britain’s dominance of the sea; one-up-manship
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