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Arts 2000 Course Outline

Arts 2000 Course Outline - ARTS 2000 Note Reading...

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ARTS 2000 1/25/08 Note: Reading Assignment for Monday Read Chapter 4 pages 74-96, be prepared to discuss the reading and do assignment with another student in class COURSE OUTLINE with READINGS AND TERMS: ARTS 2000 (Martin) The readings are intended to help you become more comfortable with the process of analyzing and discussing visual imagery in class, as well as to reinforce factual information provided in lecture. All test material will come from lecture. However, many terms to know may appear in the book as well. They are listed below and should be consulted in preparation for exams. This list of terms is not exhaustive; you may be responsible for other material from class lectures and discussions. Unit 1: What is Art? Why is it made? Suggested Reading: Chapter 1: Art and Appreciation (pp. 2-21) Unit 2: How do we understand it? (visual elements/ formal analysis) Required Reading: Chapter 2: The Language of Form: The Visual Elements (pp. 22-50) form visual elements content line (contour, implied)
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