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Exam 1 study guide

Exam 1 study guide - Study Guide Monday 2:45 PM...

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Study Guide Monday, February 11, 2008 2:45 PM Announcements: Test Topic: STUDY GUIDE: EXAM #1 This guide is not exhaustive. You may be responsible for information that does not appear on this guide. TERMS TO KNOW: You should be able to define any of these terms if given, provide the term if given the definition, or apply knowledge of the term when answering a multiple choice or short answer question. o form- A painting is first and foremost a flat, two-dimensional surface covered with colors that have been applied in a certain way. Form ( the assembled colors on a flat surface) is of prime importance and subject matter (what is painted, a horse) is secondary to the appreciation of a picture. o visual elements- the image's colors, textures, lines, shapes, and composition o content o context o line (contour, implied) Contour line- a line that describes the outline, borders, or edges of an object. A contour line is usually associated with drawings or paintings, but we can also perceive them in sculptures, buildings
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