2 calling for a duel to the death demanding that a

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Unformatted text preview: re: Put the sentence in its natural order. inverted sentence for emphasis fierce fervor: ardent, extreme intensity of emotion Arena: a place usually where contests are held political arena: field of politics; arena of politics, arena of World War II ( a scene /place), literary arena----business, cultural, academic, theatrical circle gone:no longer present, departed • Gone are the days when we could use fifty cents to buy a plate of noodles. • Gone are the days when cinemas pulled crowds. • Gone are the days when Chinese people could expect cradle to death support from the government. quarters 《 • diplomatic quarters • 矛矛矛 in the field of medicine • dinancial quarters • 矛矛矛 • the highest quarters • 矛矛矛 • the quarters concerned • 矛矛矛矛 the scientific field literati • swept…like a prairie fire: • Waht is the figure of speech used in this sentence? • Simile. • moved quickly with the speed of a fire in a large flat grassland; • In what way is Bryan associated with a prairie fire? • As a president nominee, Bryan took speech tours in the election campaigns, making fiery speeches, overwhelming his opponents and rallying people under his banner. • The crowd seemed to feel…as he should have: • their champion: their spokesman; champion usually means winner in a competition • scorch: parch; wither; burn; ( metaphor) • oratory: skill or eloquence in public speaking • scorched the infidels with the hot breath of his oratory: • images of heat and fire bring to mind the 16th century burning of infidels at the stake, but this time not burning with firewood but with caustic attacks, with heated condemnation • hot breath of his oratory: vivid image of his breath coming out heatedly as he spoke Para. 23 • • • • pop up: jump up who has the right to speak for the Bible: 1) the right to: qualified to 2) speak for: uphold, defend, speak on behalf of • 3) who is qualified to defend the Bible • 26. Mr. Bryan…to politics • What does this sentence suggest? • 1) a highly ironical statement,hinting that Bryan is...
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