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Unformatted text preview: mpathy from the audience for himself by charging Darrow with being an infidel who is making use of the court to belittle God. Actually whether or not Darrow believed in God was irrelevant • no intelligent Christian believes: Thoughtful Christians accept the basic principles of Christianity—e. g. one God, brotherhood, charity—but not the literal truth of the Bible as do Bryan and the fundamentalists. Paragraph 41-44 • gavel: a special king of hammer used by a judge or presiding officer of a meeting to call for attention or order • quell: suppress; quiet • hubbub: (slang) a mixture of loud noises; a noisy confused mingling of sounds; a great stir (cf. din, clamor ) • forlorn: (lit. or formal) left alone and unhappy; in pitiful condition, nearly helpless; abandoned, deserted • My heart … shake Darrow’s hand: • go out to: be extended to • heart goes out to: (formal) feel sorry for; feel pity or sympathy for • Darrow had gotten the best of Bryan, who looked helplessly lost and pitiable as everyone ignored him and rushed past him to congratulate Darrow. When I saw this, I felt very sorry for Bryan. . Paragraph 41-44 • • The jury were asked to consider their verdict: Were is used here to refer to the members of the jury, ordinarily it would be the jury was asked. • verdict: the official decision made by a jury in a court of law, declared to the judge at the end of a trial • The jurymen retired to a corner of the lawn and whispered for just 9 minutes: • retire: go away; withdraw • What do the words “whisper”, “9 minutes” suggest? • whisper: they do not want others to overhear • A nine-minute discussion is too short to reach a fair and sound verdict. • Whispering for an incredibly short period of time. This reminds the readers of a highly partial jury. There is no fair trial to speak of. Paragraph 41-44 • I was fined 100 dollars and costs: • I was required to pay 100 dollars as a punishment and was also required to pay the fees of the lawyers of both sides. • “Victorious defeat”: • literally a defeat (found guilty, fined), but real...
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